Download Our Curriculum

While we’ve provided sample “scripts” for educators, they are not meant to be prescriptive. All teachers bring individual perspectives to our lessons, and each school is unique. We encourage creative modifications and adaptations that allow your students to pursue their own interests and inquiries in the classroom.

Garden Lesson Plans

These documents include seven to thirteen lesson plans per grade — that’s approximately one lesson per month of the school year. Most lessons are written to take place over two consecutive days in 50-minute sessions, with roughly equal time given to academic inquiry and hands-on learning. Because of the school calendar, December and February are designed as one-day lessons.

Garden Jobs

Garden jobs are outdoor or greenhouse lessons that engage students in hands-on tasks like planting, mulching, harvesting, and building compost. Garden jobs are designed for grades PreK through 5, and can be adapted for older students.

Kitchen Lesson Plans

A total of fourteen lessons for grades PreK through 5, this curriculum is organized by month and grade. All lessons include recipes that can be printed and sent home with students, as well as instructions on how to adapt teaching for different grade levels.