Manhattan Demonstration School

East Harlem is home to our second Demonstration School, P.S./M.S. 7 & Global Tech Preparatory.

Serving a community in need

In 2013, we began construction on our second Demonstration School, P.S./M.S. 7 in East Harlem, an elementary and middle school co-located with a Grade 6 – 8 public middle school, Global Technology Preparatory. Located at 120th Street and Lexington Avenue — a neighborhood with limited access to fresh produce and some of NYC’s highest levels of poverty and obesity — the Title 1-funded schools serve over five hundred Pre-K through 8th grade students. The student body reflects both the diversity and the economic challenges of the community of East Harlem:

  • 57% of the students come from a Latino or Hispanic background
  • 37% of the students are black or African American
  • 45% of the neighborhood population receives income support
  • 64% of households receive SNAP benefits

Kids are now learning in our 2,000-square-foot container garden and a former classroom we converted into kitchen space. In fall 2016, we opened a 2,300-square-foot rooftop teaching garden, complete with a greenhouse.

“You know it’s fresh because you grew it and you picked it.”

— Fifth grader at P.S. 7



PS7 Courtyard Model
The original model for garden and greenhouse construction at P.S./M.S. 7 & Global Tech Prep.