Edible at Home

Kitchen 101: Know Your Tools

Let’s get familiar with the common tools we use to cook!



1. Dry measuring cups: Used for measuring dry ingredients like flour, rice and sugar. Standard sizes are ¼ cup, ⅓ cup, ½ cup, and 1 cup.

2. Liquid measuring cup: Used to measure liquid ingredients like water, milk, and oil.

3. Measuring spoons: Used to measure small amounts of dry and liquid ingredients. There are teaspoons (TSP) and tablespoons (TBSP) – remember that tablespoons are bigger than teaspoons!




1. Lettuce knife: This is the main kind of knife we use in our kitchen classrooms.  Since it is plastic you are much less likely to accidentally cut yourself with it, so it is great to practice correct knife skills and safety!

2. Chef’s knife: This is the most common type of knife for cooking.  You can use this knife for just about all your cutting needs.

3. Paring knife: This small knife is best used for jobs where you have to be more precise, like mincing and peeling.


Stirring and Mixing


1. Rubber spatula: Used for mixing, stirring and spreading.  The flexible end makes it good for scraping the sides of a bowl or dish.

2. Wooden spoon: Used for mixing and stirring. Can handle heat pretty well so you can use it while cooking on the stove.

3. Whisk: Used to blend and mix ingredients until they are smooth. The shape also helps bring air into a mixture.




1. Pans: There are a few different kinds of pans, the types we would use most often are frying and sauté pans.

2. Baking sheet: These are used for cooking in the oven, when you are baking and roasting.

3. Pots: Used for boiling and steaming, and come in many shapes and sizes. Big stock pots are good for soups and stews. Smaller pots are good for making rice and pasta.


Other Useful Tools


1. Cutting board: Used as a surface when you are cutting ingredients. They are usually made of plastic, wood or marble.

2. Colander/Strainer: A bowl that has small holes in it, that is used to wash off fruits and vegetables or to drain water.

3. Slotted spatula: Used to lift and flip food while it is cooking.  This type of spatula can be metal or plastic.



1. Vegetable peeler: Used to remove the outer skin or peel from fruits and veggies.

2. Box grater: Used to grate or shred foods. Each side has different sized holes for bigger or smaller pieces.

3. Mortar and pestle: Used to crush and grind food, which also helps release scents and flavors. The bowl part is the mortar and the small piece is the pestle.

4. Citrus reamer: Used to get juice from lemons or other citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, or lime.

Which of these tools have you used before or seen at home?