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Water Pollution

How does water pollution happen?

Water pollution happens when trash, chemicals, or other substances enter a body of water, like a lake or ocean. It makes the water unsafe for plants and animals that need the water.


Watch the video to learn about one way that pollution can travel from our city to the ocean.

How can we stop water pollution?

Watch the video to hear the story about how two kids helped to reduce water pollution that was coming from their school parking lot.


One way to help stop water pollution is by creating a rain garden. Watch the video to learn about how rain gardens can absorb water to prevent runoff.


Together, we can reduce water pollution so that plants and animals can have fresh, clean water.

We can:

  • put our trash in the garbage can
  • clean up litter
  • plant gardens to absorb water
  • use water only when we need it (and not waste it!)

What will you do to keep our water clean?