The Future of Food

Watch chefs David Chang, JJ Johnson, and Ignacio Mattos discuss the future of food after being Edible Schoolyard NYC students for a day in Gravesend.

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Food Education in NYC Schools: Eating in the Classroom Is Encouraged!

"The New York City Food Policy Center at Hunter College has compiled a list of organizations working on sending trained staff into schools to provide hands-on food education during the school day. In these programs, kids have the opportunity to touch, taste, smell, and experience food through fun, engaging, educational activities."

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The Moment of Ruth

"Ruth Rogers, chef and owner of London's iconic River Café, crossed the pond this week for the Edible Schoolyard Spring Benefit. It was her second time cooking among peers, friends and former employees for the organization, which she not only supports but wishes could be replicated in her home city."

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